The second performance for “30 Days time out” in US

The second performance for a new piece written in the US: 30 days time out for 2 violins and piano. The piece is based on Antonella Di Giulio book. Some notes from Antonella Di Giulio, pianist and author: Our trio (Noemi Bekteshi- violin, Efrem Bekteshi- violin, Antonella Di Giulio- piano) […]

Great ovation for Dreamscape and Rarefazioni di luce in Buffalo

Great ovation and success for Valentini’s premiere Dreamscape and for Rarefazioni di Luce in Buffalo with the Camerata di Sant’Antonio and the conductor Christopher Weber. The concert, called “Una bella serata”, was held at the church of Sant’Antonio da Padova, full of people for the event. Dreamscape is a piece […]

Valentini guest of The Vince Anello Show for Buffalo area concerts

To Listen Live On The Internet CLICK HERE—-> In this segment of the Vince Anello show, we will make a quick turn from politics and local issues that we normally discuss. Because of tribal politics and a local issues, we sometimes overlook some of the great things that do happen […]

Valentini’s Agnus Dei in Tucson, Arizona with Túumben Paax choir

Túumben Paax choir will sing the 4th of October Valentini’s Agnus Dei in Crowder Hall, 1017, Tucson, auditorium of Arizona University at 7.30 p.m. local hour. Túumben Paax is a mexican choir of six female voices that in 2012 made the premiere in Mexico City of Valentini’s work.You can follow […]