Cesare Valentini was born in Palermo, Sicily and begin to study piano at the age of 10 and composition at the age of 14. From the age of 20, Valentini resided in Florence were also studied Law at the University. He got the Master’s Degree in Music Composition with “Summa cum Laude” in Milan Conservatory G. Verdi with M° Mario Garuti. Actually he is a professor of composition at Umberto Giordano Conservatory in Foggia, Italy.

The first public concerts of his music, when he was 26, were in little festivals and concerts in Florence. His style came from neoclassicism, step by step influenced by avant-garde music. Like other schools in the world, he works with the impression of sounds, harmonics, colored atonality.

His music has been performed in Italy, Europe and in North and South America by important ensembles, orchestras, and artists such as Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina, Osem (National Orchestra of Mexico), Illinois State University (Chicago, USA), Cantus Ansambl (HRV), OSUEL (Londrina, Brasil), Ricercare Strumentale Italiano, members of Orchestra Regionale Toscana, J Futura Orchestra, Ensemble Italiano, Orchestra Euroadriatica, Dresden String Quartet, Fonè String Quartet, I Fiati Italiani, the flutist Roberto Fabbriciani, the pianist and conductor Simone Ori, the sax player and conductor David Muntoni, the singers Francesca Bellofatto, Susanna Rigacci, Patrizia Morandini, Maria Costanza Nocentini, Monica Benvenuti, Paola Grandicelli, Gabriella Aleo and many others.

He was also director of many concert seasons in Florence, Palazzo Pitti, Toscana Classica in
Orsanmichele, Aspetti del Sacro a.o.

He was also the composer in residence of the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina and composer in residence of the contemporary music festival “Nature meets music” 2011 in Goerlitz, Germany. He also collaborates with many institutions, especially for contemporary music. He was a stable member, from the beginning, of the Michelangelo Buonarroti prize for music.

In April 2011 he obtained a commission from the University of Illinois, Chicago (USA), for the piece with orchestra Fluttuazioni Quantistiche (Quantum Fluctuations) and a cycle of 3 conferences at the University on composition and orchestration. In October 2011 he was invited as “Composer in residence” from the Natur Triff Musik festival in Gorlitz, Germany, in which he had 4 performances, among them the premiere of the piece Patchwork for flute, bassoon, string quartet and piano with Dresden string quartet.

In June 2012 he received two new commissions: from the orchestra Osuel (Brasil) for Falchi nella notte and from the Tuumben Paax Choir (Mexico) for an Agnus Dei for six female voices who had his first performance at the Teatro Municipal in Mexico City.

With this piece, subsequently replicated in the Basilica of S. Croce in Florence, the Mexican choir won an international choral competition.

He obtains a new commission from M° R. Fabbriciani for the solo flute piece Blu Cobalto (Cobalt Blue) written entirely on a single multi-phonic. The piece recently recorded for a record release had its premiere in Italy and subsequent performances in the world including, notably, an English premiere for the BBC’s third channel on March 22, 2013, with live broadcasting of the concert.

On 9 April 2015 at the “Fulgorazione” Festival in Capolona (AR), were premiered Dittico Melies, music written for two famous films by Meliès, with live electronics and instruments.

On 6 June 2015, the Agnus Dei was again performed in Mexico City after being selected by an international jury, XXXVII Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enriquez.

On July 10th, 2015, Universi Paralleli for strings, with the orchestra of the festival and the direction of Maestro M. Colasanti, was performed at the XXIII Rapla Kirikumuusika Festival in Estonia.

On 17 August 2015, at the Guardiagrele Opera Festival in Abruzzo, debuts the opera L’Audizione (The Audition) written on its own subject and booklet, with the singers P. Grandicelli and G. Aleo, M. Paolucci, Orchestra Euroadriatica, conductor M. Colasanti.

On September 11, 2015, he was performed in Rovereto with the Orchestra Giovanile Trentina conducted by A. Fuoli the Intermezzo from the opera L’Audizione.

October 7, 2015, and in the replay, the next day and the direction of M. Colasanti was performed in Bari the premiere of the symphonic piece Oltremare wrote on a commission of the Symphony Orchestra of the Metropolitan City Bari.

Starting from 2016 some of his music is included in the show L’ha detto la radio “The radio said” by A. De Robertis, famous voice and author of RAI in radio broadcasts of the past.

In 2017, with the invitation of the national headquarters in Rovereto, he founded the Florentine section of the Mozart Italian Association connected to the Mozarteum in Salzburg. In January 2018 he was invited by the Mozart Association in Salzburg to present and perform at the piano some of his pieces.

In September 2018 had a performance of Agnus Dei in Costa Rica by the Tuumben Paax Choir that replied in October the piece in Tucson, Arizona.

On the 14th October 2018 the pianist Antonella Di Giulio performed the premiere of 30 days time-out, based on her book, for 2 violins and piano. The piece was performed even on 10th November.

On the 21st October 2018, Christopher Weber with hi Camerata di Sant’Antonio, performed Rarefazioni di luce and the premiere of Dreamscape.

On 15th December 2018, his Ave Maria for soprano and piano was performed in Berlin by Luz Del Alba Rubio.