The second performance for “30 Days time out” in US

The second performance for a new piece written in the US: 30 days time out for 2 violins and piano.
The piece is based on Antonella Di Giulio book.
Some notes from Antonella Di Giulio, pianist and author:
Our trio (Noemi Bekteshi- violin, Efrem Bekteshi- violin, Antonella Di Giulio- piano) will perform some salon music but our program will also include a special piece written for our Trio a few weeks ago by Cesare Valentini and premiered at the opening recital of the Chromatic Club this past October. Salon music was a popular genre in Europe during the 19th century. Salon compositions are usually fairly short and often focus on virtuoso pianistic display or emotional expression of a sentimental character. Come and enjoy some European flavor!

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