Blu Cobalto

This is the first of a project of solo instruments pieces called colors and inspired by the color of the sound of each instrument. Every piece is written in one position/chord/multiphonic and all that you can listen (chords, melodies, rythms) is created by partials of a multiphonic that have a F quarter tone as fundamental. Blu Cobalto is a commission of the flutist Roberto Fabbriciani that premiered the piece in 4th June 2011 giving to the work his magic coloristic and virtuose art of playng. During all the work he doesn’t move his hand by the position and in a live performance you can watch a performer with stop hands on the flute. Blu Cobalto requires an “active” role of the player that has all the sounds in the multiphonic but must “search” and listen every note or chord in which wants to put the focus on. All partials are not tempered and create a natural tuning sound. At the end of the video a blue image of the cat Swrap that loves the vibrations of this music.

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